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A welcome from Paul Hegerty.

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Welcome to Grevillea Consultants. We can help your organisation and teams to achieve their potential, face their challenges, and keep achieving.

Organisational development can be a broad concept. For our work in this field, we use the image of a tiled wall. Our focus is on the glue and the grout that holds your organisation together.

The technical functions, the products and services you create, these are the tiles. Without stable glue and firm grout, they can become loose and disconnected.
image of a colourful tile pattern
Paul Hegerty - Consulting director

More precisely, technical development focuses on the skills and knowledge people need to do the core tasks of an occupation. Organistional capability enables people to come together so they can flourish in cohesive, productive, and satisfying teams and organisations.

Technical development enables a task. Organisational development enables a team and corporation where people can do tasks together.

So no matter how fabulous your tiles are, we're here to help your organisation stick together! Read on to find out how we can do it.

image of a colourful tile pattern

Current highlights

Pop-up Seminars.

Pop-up seminars - image of a 3D pop-up page in a book

Pop-up seminars revolve around responsive decision making and the unscheduled opportunities that can significantly contribute to achieving success. They are our short notice workshops that help you to seize the opportunity and fulfill current and emerging needs. Through our pop-ups you can access specialized content typically reserved for our clients and their in-house programs.

Check out and book your place for our current pop-up seminars at Eventbrite.

View our general information about our pop-up seminars and why they matter.

Information about current and past pop-up Seminars.

31st August, 2023 - Conversations Teams and Organisations Need to Have

31st August, 2023 - Creating performance success plans and leading trust in teams

Explore the path forward for you

When it comes to organisational development, we specialise in those areas that always matter.

Check out the critical pathways that can help you and your organisation, then give us a call and let's make something good happen.

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Leaders and Teams

"They are not generic, nor are you. Deal with it as it really is."

With abundant experience working with leaders and teams, from CEOs and executives to front-line service teams, we develop fit for purpose pathways to get you to your development, wellbeing and performance goals.

We support your leaders and teams with advising, planning, coaching, training, facilitating...

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"It may feel normal but it's still not helping!"

Nearly every inquiry into institutional failure finds flawed culture is involved. We work with you to build organisational climates and norms that create healthy and effective cultural practices so your organisation can flourish.

We support your culture with analysis, advising, designing, measuring, change strategies...

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Productive wellbeing

"Feeling good is not enough. It has to pay its way."

Achievement boosts wellbeing and wellbeing lifts productivity. We help people build the link between the two. Success happens when people thrive.

We support your wellbeing with coaching, workshops, training, team building processes...

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"That was last time, when things were different. Now we have to do it this way."

Keeping an eye on effective outcomes, we apply our experience and evidence based methodology to help people across your organisation to adapt and embrace the changes you need to succeed.

We support your change with advising, designing, communications, training, facilitating...

What We Do

Leaders know that satisfaction and a positive culture is key for a flourishing organisation that engages its employees, customers, investors, and community. But each organisation's mix of teams, leaders and change is unique. There are no textbook solutions in the real world.

We work with you to develop and implement your path to greater wellbeing and productivity in your organisation. We listen to you, work to understand your situation, and design solutions that create real value. Our organisational development and change management expertise are here for you to be the best you can be.

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